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Why Mental Wellbeing is Important to Young People

Having good mental wellbeing helps us to maintain our thoughts, actions and interactions. Explore what it means to young people like you.

To introduce the concept of mental wellbeing and its importance, we open up with a poem from Alex Elle on resilience.


look at you.
still standing
after being knocked down.

look at you.
still growing
after being prodded.

look at you.
still dancing
after being defeated.

look at you, love.
still here and hopeful
after it all.

By Alex Elle, featured on Healthy Mind MHC Pinterest.

The Importance of Mental Wellbeing

Maintaining mental health has an enormous impact on our daily lives. Mental wellbeing impacts our thoughts, actions and interactions. And positive mental health empowers us to have meaningful relationships, make good decisions and work through challenges.

Unfortunately too many young Americans are experiencing poor mental health. And for youth of color, those who identify as LGBTQ+ and teen girls, studies show these groups are suffering more.

To understand what mental wellbeing is and why it’s important, hear from young people like you. Young people’s experiences and expressions of mental health can be different to adults. So it can be really helpful to listen to voices of people similar to your age or background, to build your mental health knowledge.

Thanks to Doc Wayne for asking their youth community what mental wellbeing means to them.

β€œFor innovative ideas and solutions around teen mental wellbeing, look no further than teens. At Doc Wayne, we’re proud to partner and learn from our teens, commit to being their advocates, and to advance what matters to them.”

Rebekah Roulier, LMHC – Managing Director, Doc Wayne

Disclaimer: This website offers general information and is not a substitute for professional advice. We are not clinicians or trained professionals; this information should not replace seeking help from a qualified healthcare provider. Please consult a healthcare provider for personalized guidance.