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Top Mental Health Gems For Teens That We’re Loving Right Now

Uncover our latest mental health gems for teens—interactive tools, must-see videos, and inspiring accounts we're loving right now.

Sometimes we need some new ideas to help us along in our mental health journey. We’re always looking for new resources, cool ideas, and great tips. Sometimes when you’re in a rut it can feel even more difficult to help yourself through those tough times.

So, we wanted to collect a few of our favorite mental health resources right now to share with you. Try something new that you haven’t before. Or see if you can add one of these to your wellbeing toolkit.

We’re also sprinkling in some of our favorite Instagram accounts and messages for inspiration that help put things in perspective for us.

Really Simple, Positive Activities

Do you ever have days where getting out of bed feels like an impossible task, let alone caring for yourself? Cereal For Dinner understands the mental health journey’s ups and downs. They offer practical tips to help you take that crucial first step, even if it’s as simple as making cereal for dinner or doing some basic exercises on the couch. Completing an enjoyable task can really help give a boost for your mental health.

Check out their list of positive activities that are simple to do when you’re feeling low. Some examples:

  • Doodle or color to engage your creativity or get out some energy
  • Making a card and it to someone you care about. Gratitude helps boost your mood!
  • Watch comedy videos on YouTube and give yourself a laugh
  • Write down 3 things you are grateful for right now

You can filter the pages and pages of options by: Outdoors, Creative, Active, Spiritual. Helping Others, At Home, Can Do Sitting Down, Social, Thinking/Imagination, or Pampering. And they have some similar great video exercises tailored for if you’re depressed, including exercises you can do laying down in bed.

And if you’re stressed and tense at the end of the day, check out this night time stretching video to help you relax and get the sleep you need to power your day.

Turning Down The Negative Noise

We love getting tips from other people about how to help calm those negative voices in our head.

We really like Mental Health America’s guided tool to help you examine your negative thoughts, reflect on why you feel this way, and think about what you’d do if a friend was in this situation. It’s great for working through real life experiences.

If writing it out isn’t your thing, check out this video from Love is Louder, that shares great simple tips you can do each day to turn down that volume.

They also share some great options for helping you turn down the noise with a ton of free videos on YouTube with some other tools like breathing exercises, meditation and journal prompting. Go ahead and give them a try!

Remembering Your Role In Your Mental Health

This video gave us a great reminder that we sometimes forget. Yes, tough things can happen in life. But how we respond is just as important.

Take a quick watch to learn how you can work this simple thought into your day.

Disclaimer: This website offers general information and is not a substitute for professional advice. We are not clinicians or trained professionals; this information should not replace seeking help from a qualified healthcare provider. Please consult a healthcare provider for personalized guidance.