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Inspiring Black Artists Who Champion Mental Health: Michael B. Jordan’s Story

As we celebrate Black History Month, we want to highlight Michael B. Jordan for his openness about his mental health journey.

As we celebrate Black History Month, we want to spotlight outstanding Black figures who’ve made their mark with their talents and shown us the power of being real about their lives and mental health journeys.

These Black artists, dancers, and actors are open about who they are, flaws and all, and they teach us valuable lessons.

They remind us that it’s totally okay and normal to face tough times and challenges no matter who you are. Life isn’t always smooth sailing, and that’s alright.

They highlight the importance of seeking help when it comes to mental health. Reaching out for support is a sign of strength, not weakness.

They remind us that speaking up and standing for your beliefs can positively change the world.

We hope these stories inspire you from these artists’ actions and the words they want you to hear.

You’re not alone in your journey; just like them, you can overcome anything with determination and resilience.

Why we’re celebrating Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan is celebrated for his compelling portrayal of nuanced, humanized Black characters in Hollywood.

With each role, he brings depth and authenticity to the screen, showcasing the richness of Black experiences and challenging the industry’s narrative norms.

He has used his platform to speak out against systematic racism and advocate for increased diversity and Black representation in power structures within various industries, including film.

He emphasizes the importance of creating a legacy that inspires the next generation.

During a Los Angeles march in 2020, Michael delivered a speech reflecting on the insights gained from his various roles, particularly regarding racial injustice, while reiterating his dedication to racial equality and representation.

During this speech, he also highlighted the importance of industry-wide action, urging the hiring of Black professionals and the telling of Black stories.

His Mental Health Journey.

Michael emphasizes the importance of therapy and open dialogue when discussing mental health challenges.

He is outspoken in challenging the stigma surrounding men’s discussions about their mental health, emphasizing the importance for everyone to “unpack and talk.”

He has also been mindful of addressing mental health stigma throughout his directing career.

Within his acting career, Michael has been open about the mental toll his intense acting roles have taken, particularly after playing Erik Killmonger in “Black Panther.”

He also discussed the weight of embodying a character with pain and rage, emotions that reflect the African-American experience.

“Your mind is so powerful. Your mind will get your body past a threshold that it would have given up on way before,”

Michael B. Jordan

We hope these stories inspire you, just like these athletes inspire us. Remember, you’re not alone in your journey. With determination and resilience, you can overcome anything.

‘Head in the Game’ is here to help support young peoples mental health. To learn more about the ‘Head in the Game’ program click here. Young people can also explore resources to support their mental wellbeing by clicking here.