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Inspiring Black Artists Who Champion Mental Health: Issa Rae’s Story

As we celebrate Black History Month, we want to highlight Issa Rae for her openness about her mental health journey.

As we celebrate Black History Month, we want to spotlight outstanding Black figures who’ve made their mark with their talents and shown us the power of being real about their lives and mental health journeys.

These Black artists, dancers, and actors are open about who they are, flaws and all, and they teach us valuable lessons.

They remind us that it’s totally okay and normal to face tough times and challenges no matter who you are. Life isn’t always smooth sailing, and that’s alright.

They highlight the importance of seeking help when it comes to mental health. Reaching out for support is a sign of strength, not weakness.

They remind us that speaking up and standing for your beliefs can positively change the world.

We hope these stories inspire you from these artists’ actions and the words they want you to hear.

You’re not alone in your journey; just like them, you can overcome anything with determination and resilience.

Why we’re celebrating Issa Rae

Issa Rae has earned acclaim for her groundbreaking work on “Insecure,” where she brings the multifaceted Black experience to the forefront of mainstream media.

Her commitment to showcasing diverse narratives and advocating for diversity across creative fields has made her a pivotal figure in modern storytelling.

Issa Rae is a staunch advocate for Black entrepreneurship, and the accurate representation of Black lives in media.

She understands the weight of her platform and the significance of “Insecure” as a space that depicts a specific experience of Black womanhood, not meant to represent all Black women but to contribute to a broader dialogue and understanding.

“So much of the media presents blackness as fierce and flawless. I’m not.”

Issa Rae

Her Mental Health Journey

Issa Rae has been open about the importance of self-care and professional boundaries in an industry known for its high stakes and pressure.

She has spoken candidly about the need to express oneself and the value of therapy.

Issa has emphasized the significance of communication and professional assistance in maintaining mental wellbeing, sharing their insights.

“I found that I need to get things off my chest in order to not be bogged down by my own thoughts,”

Issa Rae

Her approach to mental health is proactive and centered on balancing personal wellbeing and professional demands.

We hope these stories inspire you, just like these athletes inspire us. Remember, you’re not alone in your journey. With determination and resilience, you can overcome anything.

‘Head in the Game’ is here to help support young peoples mental health. To learn more about the ‘Head in the Game’ program click here. Young people can also explore resources to support their mental wellbeing by clicking here.