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Black Athletes Breaking Barriers and Embracing Mental Health: Dwayne Johnson

As we celebrate Black History Month, we want to highlight Dwayne Johnson for his openness about his mental health journey.

As we celebrate Black History Month, we want to highlight incredible Black athletes who’ve made their mark with their skills and their honesty about their lives and mental health journeys.

These athletes, from different sports, are open about who they truly are, showing their strengths and challenges. Their stories teach us important lessons.

They remind us that life can be tough for anyone, no matter who you are. It’s okay not to have everything go smoothly all the time.

They stress the importance of seeking help when it comes to mental health, showing that it’s a sign of strength, not weakness.

They also show us how speaking up and standing for what you believe in can make a positive impact on the world.

Why we’re celebrating Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson has risen to become one of Hollywood’s highest-grossing stars, captivating audiences worldwide with his performances after a career in pro wrestling.

Beyond his achievements in the entertainment industry, Johnson’s advocacy for racial justice and his support for movements like Black Lives Matter have made him an influential voice for positive change.

Johnson has openly spoken about the need to confront racism head-on.

“Racism is a disease. It’s a cancer that eats away at the soul of our nation. We have to fight it head-on, with education, with conversation, with love. We have to stand up for each other, for our families, for our communities. We have to be the change we want to see in the world.”

Dwayne Johnson

Johnson emphasizes the richness and significance of his Black identity and what it brings to his life.

“Being Black is a gift. It’s a culture rich in history, in strength, in resilience, in joy. It’s a culture that has given the world so much. Be proud of who you are, celebrate your heritage, and let your light shine.”

Dwayne Johnson

His Mental Health Journey

Dwayne, ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s journey through mental health struggles, is an inspiring testament to the importance of opening up about mental health issues.

Johnson has encountered various bouts of depression throughout his life, including during his university years and following a divorce. The profound impact of his mother’s suicide attempt further underscored the importance of addressing mental health.

The Rock is vocal about the necessity of seeking help and not suffering in silence:

“Talk to someone. Despite how you may feel, you’re never alone.”

Dwayne Johnson

We hope these stories inspire you, just like these athletes inspire us. Remember, you’re not alone in your journey. With determination and resilience, you can overcome anything.

‘Head in the Game’ is here to help support young peoples mental health. To learn more about the ‘Head in the Game’ program click here. Young people can also explore resources to support their mental wellbeing by clicking here.